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Creating a group

You may create an unlimited number of groups. To create a group:
Open Snatch App > click on Groups


On the Groups screen, the user can:
Create group chats by clicking on the “Plus” icon in the ToolBar. After clicking, you must select participants for this chat (see Pictures 35), and enter the chat name (see Picture 36), then click the “Create” button.
In group chats, the functions are the same that these of simple one-on-one chats (adding images, photos, videos, locations, stickers, etc.)


Create Broadcast chat rooms (chat rooms with the ability to send messages to multiple users) by clicking on the icon “Extra” to ToolBar, and selecting the item “New Broadcast”
When creating such a chat, the user is asked to select people to add to the chat, and specify the name of this chat (see Pictures 35,37), then click on the “Create” button.
After creating a chat, the user can send messages as in a group chat, but the messages will appear to recipients as private, not group messages. Broadcast chats support all functions as well (adding images, photos, videos, locations, stickers, etc.).


The user can view the information about the group (see Picture 66) by clicking on the group chat name. On this screen, the user can add new members to the group or delete active ones (see Picture 67), and change the name or image of the group chat (see Pictures 68-69)


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