Securely Connecting the World

Powerful messaging platform designed to give full end-to-end security

Our emphasis isn’t simply on what we do, we focus on how we do it


Privacy and Security is in our DNA

We employ industry-standard AES256 encryption to secure your data

We ensure each encryption key is distributed securely between sender and receiver

We protect data from being intercepted by emerging threats to security


End-to-End Encryption

When end-to-end encrypted, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, and calls are secured

We do not store your messages on our servers after delivering them

We employ multiple layers of encryption to power peer-to-peer secure communications


Self-deleting content

You set the timer to decide when your content is automatically deleted for good

Snatch App’s unique security architecture relies on decentralized key distribution for decryption


Hidden Messages

When enabled, messages sent in your conversation will appear with an envelope before they have been seen


Disappearing and hiding messages

When enabled, messages sent will disappear after they have been seen based on the timer you have chosen


Stay low key

Control when others can see your online status and the delivery status of the messages they send you

Snatch App provides a platform for secure communications
Our entire security overview is available here