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Snatch App: New Generation, free and secure AI messaging and calling App now available on the App Store
Snatch App Team, 13/01/2020

Snatch App Purpose

Snatch App was founded on the belief that privacy is a universal right that enables innovation and economic growth. Our goal at Snatch App is simple: Help people stay in contact with those they care about and in order to bring that to fruition, we’ve created a product that’s user-friendly and available anywhere you go and now available on the App store.

The founders have worked together in the Telco industry for the past 20 years. This experience has allowed them to see the transformation of the sector and more importantly to grasp the needs of users. We know that a simple, reliable and end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling app is essential for our users. By providing unique and secure communication and access to chatbots Snatch App provides to its users the experience they have longed for. To complement this, we will soon offer money transfer services between users.

Our goal is to not only provide people and enterprises with an easy-to-use, free and secure communication platform but even exceed consumers’ expectations by providing a chatbot directory and other AI tools that offer entertaining and enriching conversational experiences while providing relevant information. Snatch App is completely private, secure, and encrypted and offers all features users can expect. The Snatch App messaging and calling platform is free and available on iOS , web and soon available on Android and Windows 10.

Enhanced security features and NLP capabilities

Snatch App’s secure communications are built to transform how you protect high-value sensitive communications & files internally. Sensitive communications are always protected, deleted when not needed. You’re always in control with Snatch App. Snatch App uses end-to-end encryption and employs multiple layers of encryption to power peer-to-peer secure communications. Snatch App also allows you to hide your messages. When enabled, messages sent will either disappear after they have been seen or will appear with an envelope before they have been seen.

Coming from the Telco word, we found that many of the existing channels are somewhat limited in terms of functionality. For example, even some of the most ubiquitous messaging apps, like Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger, are lacking in natural language processing capabilities, and no one offers voice recognition with their messaging apps.

In 2016, Facebook Messenger (which sees more than a billion active users each month) launched a chatbot platform as a reply to competition from fellow chat platforms, like Telegram and Kik. The platform, powered by Node.js, offered developers “the tools to create a bot in 10 minutes.” However, despite the high-profile launch, performance and functionality was lacking. Bots on their platform are still relatively rudimentary, and are capable of only simple commands and recognizing keywords.

For all these reasons and more, we recognized the necessity of building our own messaging app that can accommodate the functionality and natural language processing capabilities of the bots built with SnatchBot.

Our chat platform, SnatchApp, overcomes many of these issues by including AI characteristics that other chat apps do not support.

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