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Snatch App has now launched for Windows Desktop
Snatch App Team, 12/03/2020

The arrival of Snatch App, our new generation, free and secure AI messaging and calling App is now also available to download onto Windows Desktop. It is available in the App Store and everyone can benefit from its innovative and user-friendly design that offers users better communication, both on a personal and business level.

Messaging is changing the world

Every smartphone and computer owner can understand how convenient using a messaging app is above all other means of communication. The only thing needed to communicate with loved ones, favorite brands and co-workers is an internet connection and there are certainly no worries about how much the call or message will cost.

Currently, messaging apps have overtaken the popularity of social media apps and all the messaging apps combined have over a billion active users on a monthly basis. This has also become the most popular way for users to communicate through chatbots when making queries or wanting to buy a service or product.

Group chats and calls are not only used on a personal level and the ability for constant communication among co-workers in companies allows for a better workflow. Certainly, no information can go missing or be ignored, something that often happens when emails go unnoticed. Co-workers can see that the message has been received and read.

Increasingly, people also prefer to get informed about what is happening around the world through a messaging app.

Snatch App – the vision

Our 20-year experience in the Telco industry has allowed us to participate in all the exciting technological transformations in the field and to envision how these can be implemented into the creation of an innovative messaging app.

Our founding belief for Snatch App is that privacy is a universal right and it has a place in innovation and economic growth. As we developed Snatch App, we kept our goal clearly in sight: A user-friendly product that will be available everywhere and can help people to stay connected.

The Snatch App calling app offers far more than just an easy-to-use free calling app. Users are now ensured security through its end-to-end encrypted messaging for all types of communication. To continue providing unique experiences for our users the Snatch App allows them to access its chatbots so that they can pass on their unique communication experiences to their customers.

Very soon we will also be offering money transfer services between users, thereby complementing every other service available for now and offering a complete communication platform for everyone, enterprises included.

Our goal of providing easy-to-use, free and secure communication on one platform is now available for free for all. It began in January 2020 with the release of Snatch App for iOS devices and the web, and was followed by the recent release for Android devices and Windows Desktop. Its other exciting features include a chatbot directory and other AI tools offer users enriching conversational, informative and entertainment experiences that meet every privacy and security concern because of their encryption.

Literally available to everyone, Snatch App comes in 53 languages and can be downloaded anywhere in the world on any device.

Making a difference with world-class security features

Secure communications on the internet are very important for our users and it where we have poured all the technology currently available to us to develop the safe Snatch App. Every message and call are end-to-end encrypted. This includes even video calls, voice messages, photos, videos, documents and emoji. Now everyone is sure that they have a free and secure means of communicating online.

The same security applies to chatbot use on the app and for the deployment and testing of a chatbot through Snatch App the application is completely private and secure.

Messages cannot be seen through Snatch App and we never own any material that passes through the application. The shredder can be deployed to irreversibly delete any messages, videos and images.

There is a default setting that can also make any messages and conversations disappear after they are seen, while messages can appear with an envelope before seen. The expiry time on all messages can also be configured with a timer setting.

The privacy of contacts list and address books is also something that concerns most users today. The Friends Finder on Snatch App is integrated with Google, Yahoo, Outlook, Email and smartphones, but it always remains private and will never be stored on our servers.

Chatbots and natural language processing

Voice recognition is unique to our messaging app, something that the natural language processing capabilities of other apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger and Slack are lacking in.

The bots built at SnatchBot are known for their functionality and natural learning processing capabilities and it was imperative that when we built our Snatch App that it could accommodate this function, something that is not possible on other messaging platforms.

AI and its various characteristics are continuously giving us new capabilities and at Snatch App we will continue to implement any new developments into improving our bots and messaging app.

Meeting your demands

When downloading Snatch App on any device users get a 100% free messaging app with no advertisements but exceptional capabilities to communicate, whether just wanting to communicate with family and friends or use Snatch App for business.

We strive to continue offering a better Snatch App and the new Windows Desktop is going to be no exception. It comes ready to download with all the features and improvements.

Whichever device you’re on, Snatch App is most likely available. See the Snatch App versions below:

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Windows Desktop

Snatch App

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