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Snatch App is now live on Android
Snatch App Team, 12/03/2020

As more users are turning to Snatch App, the good news is that it is now available on Android. With issues such as privacy leaks, algorithms that control what people see in their feeds and the growing concern about their data usage, more people are turning away from social media. Yet we all love to communicate and are turning to more to messaging platforms. This provides easy access to friends and family across the globe in an engaging manner. This form of communication is safe, fast and all that is needed is access to the internet.

Access to Smartphones has ensured that connecting with friends and doing business has no limitations on where we are or what time it is. Even teens and young adults are increasingly turning to messaging apps to connect in a fun and safe way whether they want to communicate or find information.

With the advent of improved AI tools chat apps are also proving invaluable to businesses where they can offer customer support, feedback, appointments, and event to make purchases.

At Snatch App our goal since its inception has been that everyone has the right to stay in contact. Above all, privacy is the universal right of all users and it enables economic growth and innovation.

The Snatch App is the new generation AI messaging and calling platform that has been rolled out in stages. User-friendly, free and secure, everyone everywhere can have access to it.

Rolling out the Android version of Snatch App

Starting in January 2020, we rolled out the iOS app, which was live on iPhones, iPads and the iWatch. The web version also came out then. This month we introduced the long-awaited Android version to positive reviews from those that have been eagerly waiting for its release.

With Snatch App users on Android phones can send and receive end-to-end encrypted messages, make calls, including video calls and group chats, and they can also sync the app across all their Android devices. Besides all this, users can also have efficient team collaboration messaging, send photos, documents, videos, and emojis.

Understanding the needs of our users

When founded in 2015, we knew that at Snatch Group Ltd. our aim was to help companies and people enter the new digital era in a seamless way with all the technology available to us. Having worked in the telecommunications industry for the past 20 years, the creation of the Snatch App was based on our observations of the transformations within the sector.  One of the most important things that we knew from the start was that users were looking for a simple but reliable end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling app that could provide them with secure communication, no matter if this is for private or business communications.

The unique approach used to create the platform at Snatch App also allows users to have access to chatbots. This was one of the expectations that we knew from experience that users of messaging and communications apps have had, especially those in business. We have pleasantly surprised them and met these expectations by enabling our business users to enhance their interactions with their customers.

Our contribution to them is to provide them with a chatbot directory and some innovative AI tools that offer enriching conversational experiences that entertain while also providing relevant information.

Coming soon we will also offer our users the ability to perform money transfer services between them.

How do your communications stay secure with Snatch App?

At Snatch App we ensure that all your files and communications are protected internally and these can be deleted irreversibly when not needed anymore.

You are always in charge of who sees your messages and by enabling message hiding messages disappear as soon as they have been read or they can appear within an envelope before they are seen. There is also a timer so that you can configure when you want your messages to expire.

All the media files and messages sent via Snatch App are yours alone and we do not own them, nor can we read them. Our encryption uses a combination of 256-bit-symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and secure key exchange keeping all your conversations safe.

Most importantly, your address book always remains private and is never stored on our servers.

The importance of natural language processing (NLP)

Our telecommunications experience over the years has shown us that most of the existing messaging channels have limited functionality. Popular apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Slack don’t offer voice recognition and their natural learning processing capabilities are lacking.

NLP is a form of artificial intelligence that allows a machine to capture what a human says, capture the data, process it and to then respond appropriately in an intelligent manner. This requires sophisticated algorithms because while it is easy for humans to master language human languages are complicated for machines to master.

Other exciting features to enjoy on Snatch App

Real Time Location ensures that others can see where you are if you so wish. You can also integrate maps into any conversation, making it perfect for personal and business use.

Surprise your loved ones by changing your voice. Explore some of the fun possibilities.

Get Snatch App for your Android devices now and stay connected with everyone. It is 100% free, secure, user-friendly, available everywhere in 53 languages, and has no bothersome ads. Enjoy its exciting new layout and as you explore it you can also communicate, be informed and do business. Communicating with everyone that you care about, no matter where in the world they are has never been this easy. The peace of mind that comes with Snatch App -  is that it is your data – and your privacy that matters.

Whichever device you’re on, Snatch App is most likely available. See the Snatch App versions below:

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Android Version

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