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Video Calling with Snatch App
Snatch App Team, 07/08/2017

Our goal at SnatchApp is simple: Help people stay in contact with those they care about. That’s always been our goal, and in order to bring that to fruition, we’ve created a product that’s user-friendly and available anywhere you go.

SnatchApp started with messaging and group chat. After that we implemented a voice calling feature, and it works in such a way that enables functionality over thousands of platforms and devices the world over.

Now, we’re eager to announce our newest feature: video calling. As always, it’s been designed with our goal of connecting you with friends and family. Soon, SnatchApp’s ever increasing user base will be able to make video calls over a number of devices, including Windows, iPhone and Android.

The technology behind text messaging and voice calling has been honed and nearly perfected; they’re fast and easy-to-use features. But sometimes they’re not enough. No text message can replace seeing a friend’s face while they’re on the other side of the country. No voice call can substitute watching your child accomplish a feat when you can’t be there in person.

In recent times, video calling was limited to those who lived in countries with the best networks or those who could afford the most expensive devices—but not anymore. SnatchApp is working to make video calling available to every mobile user. We’re also including a convenient feature that most video-calling apps lack—the ability to zoom in and out when recording videos just by sliding your finger up and down on the screen.

In addition to this exciting new feature, we’re also excited to announce new ways in which to edit and personalize photos and videos. With SnatchApp’s new editing tool, you can add emojis, draw, or write on any photos or videos you share with family and friends worldwide. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and now you can express yourself even further; add a laughing emoji to a funny picture, or add text to a video in multiple colours and fonts.

Selfie-addicts will be happy to hear that SnatchApp’s camera feature will also now enable the front-facing flash. Taking selfies at night or in low light is no longer a problem; take the perfect photo every time!

We’re very enthusiastic to roll out these new features for all of our users. All of SnatchApp’s new elements will premiere on Android and iPhone devices this year, so our users can start sharing enhanced, quality photos and videos soon. As always, thank you for using SnatchApp. We promise to continue improving our service every day, always with the goal in mind of keeping you connecting you with those you care about.

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